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In 1985, when I became a journalist, I was invited to join a group of female colleagues who met regularly to discuss how rotten it was being a woman at work. I turned up once but never again: I was irritated by the complaining and couldn’t help noticing the people who were doing the most of it were the least good at their jobs. If you’re not great at what you do, I thought, you shouldn’t blame it on your sex.在1985年,我出了一名记者,我受邀重新加入了一个女同事小组,她们定期聚在一起吐槽当一名职业女性有多莫名其妙。我丝了一次面就很久不去了:我被那些牢骚搞得很玩笑并不已找到,责怪得最起劲的,正是那些最不称职的人。如果你无法胜任自己的工作,我实在,你不应将其归咎于自己的性别。In 30 years I have progressed a bit in my views. Whether people are good at their jobs and whether they are suffering from gender bias are different questions. Where there is sexism, making a fuss — though boring for both the person doing the complaining and for the person listening — is important. If nothing is said, nothing changes.30年来,我的观点有了一些变革。


Financial Times readers, it seems, have not progressed so much. Marissa Mayer last week complained to the FT that the media had it in for her because she was a woman — and FT readers responded as I did all those years ago. One wrote: “You are incompetent — it’s as simple as that, Mayer. Stop trying to hide behind ‘gender’ victimisation nonsense, please.”英国《金融时报》(全称FT)读者们的思想看上去还没变革到这个阶段。玛丽萨迈耶(Marissa Mayer)不久前向FT责怪称之为,媒体蓄意跟她过不去,就因为她是个女人——而FT读者们的反应与我多年前的观点如出一辙。

一位读者写到:“是你懦弱——就那么非常简单,迈耶。别再拿‘性别歧视’受害者那套无稽之谈不作挡箭牌了,拜托。”A couple of hundred posted similar comments. She had done a rubbish job as CEO of Yahoo, sexism had nothing to do with it.有几百人公开发表了类似于的评论。

作为雅虎(Yahoo)的CEO,她腊得差劲极了,这丝毫牵涉到性别歧视。Their vehemence makes me smell a rat. Ms Mayer may have done a poor job. But are they right that there has been no sexism in the reporting? And how does one measure it?他们的白热化反应让我实在有些不对劲。迈耶也许腊得差劲。

但报导中上当不不存在性别歧视吗?而这又该如何取决于呢?Ms Mayer complained at how the media is obsessed with women’s clothes, citing Hillary Clinton and her pantsuits. This is true, but the attire gender gap is closing — last week the FT ran an entire article on Boris Johnson’s backpack. Either way, I’m not sure it’s such a big deal. I’m interested in what women (and men) wear, and so long as pantsuits are not an alternative to policies, I see little harm in it.迈耶责怪媒体是如何津津乐道于女性的穿着,以希拉里克林顿(Hillary Clinton)和她的长裤套装为事例。这推倒到底,不过穿着问题上的性别差异正在增大——不久前FT就刊出了一篇文章,通篇大谈鲍里斯约翰逊(Boris Johnson)的背包。



In any case, Ms Mayer can’t really protest at press intrusion into her wardrobe, given the photo of her in Vogue a couple of years ago lying upside down on an uncomfortable bit of garden furniture in skin-tight blue sheath and bondage sandals, holding an iPad reflecting an image of herself.再说,迈耶会知道抗议出版物报导她的衣着,想到几年前《Vogue》杂志上她的照片:身穿蓝色短裙连衣裙和系带鞋的她,推倒着躺在一张不过于舒适度的户外家具上,手中的iPad屏幕上表明的是她本人的形象。If I were CEO I wouldn’t have posed like that in a million years, but then that’s because upside down and thus clad I would not have looked a pretty sight. Ms Mayer, on the other hand, looked a very pretty sight, and did the world a favour by proving you can be gorgeous, blonde, love clothes and run a big company in male-dominated IT.如果我是CEO,我就总有一天会挂出有那个姿势,但那是因为我要是穿成这样头朝下躺着不会很难看。然而,迈耶在那张照片上却非常精彩,偷偷地向世人证明,你可以光彩照人、是个金发靓女,热衷穿衣装扮,同时在男性主导的IT业掌理一家大公司。Equally, people have cried sexism at the endless articles about her as a mother. From the time she was appointed when pregnant, we have watched her through two pregnancies, tutted at the scant maternity leave, marvelled at the on-site nursery and nannies and ogled endless photos of the cute baby girls in the office.某种程度,人们高喊铺天盖地的关于她母亲身份的文章不存在性别歧视。

自从她孕期取得雅虎任命以来,我们早已亲眼目睹了她的两度孕期,为她急促的产假议论纷纷,为她办公室里移往的婴儿房和保姆们惊叹不已,也被她办公室里那对甜美的女宝宝的海量照片萌到。By contrast no one writes about the children of Yahoo founders David Filo and Jerry Yang — their Wikipedia pages don’t even reveal that they have any. This looks like gender bias, but again it is understandable. We don’t have many female CEOs with babies, and so I’m grateful to Ms Mayer for showing me how she does it.相形之下,雅虎创始人戴维费罗(David Filo)及杨定远(Jerry Yang)的孩子们却无人问津——他们的维基百科页面甚至连他们是不是孩子都没有说道。这看上去倒像性别歧视,但又可以解读。有宝宝的女性CEO并不多见,所以我很感谢迈耶让我看见她是怎么做的。

The only bad things are the opinions expressed over whether she is a good mother. Such judgment is no longer for women only — Mark Zuckerberg has posted almost as many pictures of his offspring online as has Ms Mayer — only he is judged a wonderful father on the basis of having taken his baby for a jab, while she is a bad mother because she works too hard.唯一很差的是那些关于她是不是个好妈妈的评论。这种评价仍然只针对女性——马克扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)在网上摊娃的次数与迈耶不相上下。只不过,人们单凭扎克伯格带上宝宝打了一次疫苗就确认他是个能干的爸爸,却确认迈耶是个不称职的妈妈,因为她工作过于希望。

There is an even more important bias — sheer volume of stories. Last year 4,200 articles were printed in English about her, more than four times as many than were about her opposite number at AOL, Tim Armstrong (also bought by Verizon last year) — which is particularly remarkable given how hard he tried to be newsworthy via a string of gaffes.还有一项更加最重要的种族歧视——报导的意味著数量。去年有关迈耶的英文报导有4200篇,完全四倍于美国在线(AOL,去年也被Verizon并购)的男性CEO蒂姆阿姆斯特朗(Tim Armstrong)。考虑到阿姆斯特朗多么希望地企图通过一连串的负面新闻让自己上新闻,这一占优势十分显眼。

We are simply more interested in women CEOs and we will go on being more interested until there are more of them. This is not an advantage — the pressure is bad enough anyway without everyone reporting on your every move. It would be enough to make one do a Ms Mayer, spend $500,000 of company money on private security guards — and generate yet another adverse story.我们就是对女性CEO更加感兴趣,而且我们还将之后维持这种兴趣,直到女CEO更加多。这并不是一个优势——压力原本就够大的了,更何况每个人都在盯着你的一举一动。这不足以让人像迈耶那样,赚到公司50万美元用作私人安保——又生产出有一条负面新闻。



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