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Bed Owner Comments


Recently, Migun of Greenville sent out a survey to current bed owners to find out exactly what ‘frequent flyers’ are finding having a bed at home has done for them.  Question number 5 on the survey was:  What changes have you noticed (physical, mental, emotional) from using Migun regularly at home? 

Here are some of the responses we received:

—More relaxed, better sleep, breathing is better (have a mild case of emphysema), less aches & pains, less stress—overall better well being

—Lowered cholesterol & reduction of stress

—Lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol, and my back feels better!

—More relaxed, less tension, less stiffness

—More relaxed, less back pain & sciatica pain, easier periods

—Relaxation, improved sleep, faster recovery after workouts

—Relaxed muscles, help with sore buttocks, help with bi-polar disorder

—Helps me take time for me

—Better sleep, so I feel more rested

—I have more energy when I get off my Migun bed.  My mind is clearer.  No more back pains for my husband after golfing and relieves aches after soccer practice for our son & daughter.  I recover from workouts quicker.  If my muscles are tense, I just hop on the Migun and immediately get relief.  It’s a great stressbuster!

—Helps with a bad back and I feel better over all.

—Has helped with tightness in my neck & back – very relaxing

—Better circulation & sleep, better spine alignment & posture, mood elevation and much deeper relaxation

—Overall more strength, stamina, and energy and help with discomfort in low back

—Sleep better, not many headaches anymore (used to be chronic), neck not as stiff and my back feels a lot better

Sometimes, Santa needs a little help to bring a MIGUN surprise at Christmastime!  Following is a Migun of Greenville exclusive 2008 Christmas story.

‘Twas the week before Christmas when Ken came to see us
“I’m buying Donna a bed, and a Mini-mat from the kids
Can you keep it till Christmas?  So it’ll be a surprise…”  We kept it, all grinning and hoping Donna didn’t come in asking us questions – we couldn’t abide it!
Ken picked it up on the 23rd… and took it home to hide it!

On Christmas morning, Donna unwrapped a box and in it she found a red piece of paper… with a note that read:

“We thought we would have some fun before you go this next one.
We haven’t got all day, so you must be on your way.
You may have to look high and low, as on this journey you must go.
Go upstairs and look in the room, where there are beds just for two.”

(So Donna ran upstairs and in then the bedroom set up for two granddaughters, she found instead of a present…. Another red piece of paper with another note, so pleasant!)

“When looking for the next clue, don’t pull out your hair.  You will find it near your working chair.”

(Back down the stairs Donna went… and dashed into her home office to find… another note of red, but she didn’t mind!)

“When your guests come to stay, they will use this each day.”
(Now downstairs to the basement Donna went in a flash… she thought for a minute while the family all laughed.  What will my guests use every day that they’re here?  The bathroom!  She thought… and sure enough… in her guest bathroom downstairs on the vanity she found… YET ANOTHER RED NOTE!  How profound!)

“When looking for your next clue try not to hit your head.”

(Remembering an accident incident in the middle of the night recently, Donna raced back up two flights of stairs into her own boudoir and found on her four-poster bed… the last note of the season.)

“Your journey can come to an end if you go back to where it began!”

(So… back down by the tree with the family in stitches, Donna unwrapped another present… this time… it switches.  She unwrapped a box and inside she found a 15-jade Migun external head and was astounded, unbound!)

With smiles all around and big hugs and kisses, the boys went outside to Ken’s shed… and brought in her Migun bed! 

Now the whole family Miguns every day without fail.  It’s a present to remember and a gift that even Santa couldn’t get through the mail! 

January 13, 2009

Dear Friends at Migun,

Happy New Year!  Now that I have my Migun bed, I miss seeing all of you but I LOVE my Migun bed!  I use it every day.  It is my meditation and therapy escape and has helped my neck and shoulder pain and stiffness completely disappear.  What a wonderful blessing!

I plan to come next month to your evening class to learn more about the bed and how to take care of it.

Thanks again for bringing the Migun beds to Greenville!  See you soon.

Nancy Pilgrim
(proud Migun bed owner since August 2008)

July 2008

To: KC
From:  CP

I have a new “find” to share with you.  What a blessing Migun of Greenville has been in the last months.  I’ve been going regularly for the mechanical massages.  What a “God send!”  I’m happy to tell you that my health has improved (as well as my sense of well-being) since I last saw you. 
You know how ole school teachers are:  evaluating everything.  Let me tell you about some of the improvements just since I’ve been going to Migun:

_√_ Digestive System
_√_Leg & foot pain
_√_Joint pain
_√_Back pain
_√_Sleep pattern
_√_Sleep quality
_√_Energy level
_√_Sense of well-being
_√+_Thankfulness (this is an answer to my prayers!)
_√_Others (each time I go, I realize something else has improved)

Please join me at Migun if you’d like.  The first 30 days are compliments of the Migun owners.  The first session takes about an hour.  They tell you about the machines and make sure you are comfortable with all aspects.  Other sessions take about 30 minutes.  An added bonus is that you feel as if you’ve walked right into sunshine on a dark, cloudy day when you enter Migun’s door. The ladies, who are so attentive to your every need, are cheerful, professional, and caring.  They are open Tuesday through Saturday. Give me a call if you’d like to meet there.  We can relax, let the world “go away” and feel better than you’d ever believe!

Take care of you – we need you!
Love ya!
Carole P.

(Carole wrote the above letter to a friend and gave it to Migun of Greenville staff as a testimonial.  Carole purchased her own Migun bed in August 2008!)

Dear Migun Staff,

I wanted to tell you how great your product is and how much it has helped me.  I started coming to the Migun center in October, 2006 when a friend told me about you.  I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and my glucose level is sometimes high.  Also, my triglycerides have been up in the 300 range.

In November 2006, I went to the doctor for my 3 month blood check and my triglycerides were 210, cholesterol 140, and glucose 114.  I told my doctor about the Migun bed and she said she would check into it.  I asked her for a prescription for the bed and she said we would talk about that next time.

I returned to the doctor in February 2007 for that 3 month blood check and my numbers were better:  triglycerides were 133, cholesterol 105, and glucose 101.  My doctor was very pleased so I asked her about the prescription and she said let’s go 3 more months. 

I continued to visit the bed about 4 or 5 times a week until March.  I decided to purchase a bed in March and started using the bed twice a day most days.  I just feel better when I use it more often.  Well, I went back to the doctor in June and she wanted to know exactly what I had been doing.  My triglycerides were 80, my cholesterol was 102 (which is below the low range) and my glucose was 105.  I told her I was using the bed twice a day most days.  She cut my Crestor in half and wrote the prescription for the bed.

I love my Migun bed and I am so glad I purchased one so I can use it more often.  The only thing bad about owning a bed is that I do not get to see the wonderful staff at Migun like I used to.  I do go by and visit some and I will be there soon to see you.  My blood pressure has not improved, but I think mine is due to stress.  I have now retired from public school teaching so I hope to see a change in it next time.

Thank you all for helping me become healthier and to feel better.  Best of luck to you in your business and keep up the good work.

Brenda Pace
Greenville, SC

Purchasing my own Migun bed was truly an answered prayer.  I’ve had multiple chronic health problems for almost 20 years and also have 4 bulging discs.  I desperately NEEDED daily Migun treatments.

I have often said that if I became rich, I’d forego other luxuries and instead I’d prefer a massage every day.  Now, my husband and I both can do just that!  But it’s so much more than a glorified massage; Migun is IMPROVED HEALTH.  After just a few weeks, we’ve experienced better circulation.  I have noticed better function and emptying of my bladder, colon and lymph systems.  Every day when we use the Migun bed and relax, we say, “Thank you, Jesus.” 

Ann Pate
Anderson, SC

I am so happy that we purchased a Migun bed. I work a lot of hours and don't always do the best job at taking care of myself. Having the Migun bed in our home makes it so easy to take time to relax.

I used to have back pain and would experience sciatic pain on a pretty regular basis. Since I have been using the Migun I have not had any pain due to sciatica. The website spine-health.com had the following information about sciatica, "Often a particular event or injury does not cause sciatica, but rather it tends to develop as a result of general wear and tear on the structures of the lower spine."  This may explain why I needed to use lots of padding for the first few months before I was able to decrease to no padding. I am also sleeping through the night and am having less problems with asthma. A friend told me recently that "I am wheezing a lot less.." How cool is that?!

My husband also enjoys the bed and says,   "It is relaxing and helpful for all lifestyles".

Update: Several years ago I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia. I had horrible heartburn and took prescription medication daily. I started holding the jades over my Esophagus and no longer need daily medication. I now take over-the-counter zantac maybe once per month. I have also noticed that by holding the jade on scars that I have had for years they have become noticeably lighter.

Stacey Lemmond
Greenville, SC


I used the Migun bed 5 days a week on my lunch hour.  I was truly addicted – I couldn’t wait til lunch to get ‘Migunized.’  My entire body feels so much better.

I bought my own bed last week and now I get to share this health experience with my family members!  Thank you Migun Staff for being so pleasant and nice every visit.

Elizabeth Putman

Having suffered for years with lower back and knee pain due to injury, I was certain that it was simply a matter of life. I was first introduced to Migun in the Spring of 2006 and while I found it enjoyable, I had pretty much dismissed it as “feels great but doesn’t really help;” after numerous on and off sessions, I was convinced to take one home. That has been a new experience.
After 3 months of being able to use it every time I have a few minutes, I have NO CHRONIC PAIN in either back or knee, and less pain after periods of work or exercise. More surprising, I have noticed my blood sugar remaining closer to even rather than spiking up and down, and as a diabetic that is as much help as less pain.

In short, Thanks Migun!

Allen Wilkinson

I started using the bed in early November 2006. I felt a tremendous relief in my neck, which stays so tight and hurt all the time. I have arthritis in my neck which doesn’t help after I have sat 8 hrs at work in front of a computer. As soon as I got off the bed after each visit, I had immediate relief! My whole body just felt better. Everyone at Migun was so nice and helpful to me. I really enjoyed coming everyday. The bed is so good for so many things. I sleep better, have more energy and feel so much looser all over. I ended up buying a bed two weeks ago and can now use it in the privacy of my own home. My husband uses it now everyday. He even feels better too! I miss everyone at Migun, but do enjoy it so much at home. I encourage everyone to buy one and just see if you don’t feel better in whatever problem you may have. I tell everyone about my bed, Thanks so much to Migun of Greenville. It’s also wonderful for migraine headaches!!

Marsha Prince

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I love Migun and the way my neck and back feels now! I have had extreme pressure and tightness in my neck and upper back for years. After getting massaged with Migun, I feel that entire area is so loose! I can’t wait to buy a bed!

Purchased bed in October 2006!

Dear Ashleigh, Vicy, and Staff,

We are enjoying being “homeowners” of our own Migun 7000 Model- The experience from July to Dec 2006 of visiting your office, meeting a great staff, and the “free” use of the Migun and the healing experience for both Barbara and I has been great.

We both have low back discomfort and Barbara has hip discomfort. The Migun has provided relief. The daily massages have been beneficial for us both.

Thanks again for introducing us to Migun. We are already spreading the word.

Bill and Barbara Wilder

 I first heard about MIGUN over 1 years ago in a newspaper insert about medical services and options. I first tried out a MIGUN thermal massage bed in Asheville and I knew from my first experience that someday, someway I had to own my very own MIGUN bed. Finally, in November I made the decision to take control of my own medical situation and stop adding pills to ease my numerous aches, pains and conditions. I purchased a Migun and now have my very own “relaxation central” complete with music, candles and a water feature.
So did I make a good decision? You bet! I have numerous medical conditions which doctors continue to treat by just adding another pill. My goal is to decrease my current medications and not have to take any additional ones.

After one month of daily MIGUN treatments, I have gone off one of my medications for IBS. But more Importantly, I do not have to deal with the pain, discomfort, and stress related to IBS on a daily basis.

I have had chronic back pain for the past 3 years due to a very ugly fall at work which was recently exasperated by an automobile accident. I have gone through numerous physical therapy treatments, medications, x-rays, scans, and evaluations. In the end, the doctors can not identify what is causing the pain, so therefore, it doesn’t exist….to them maybe, but not to me! After a month of daily MIGUN treatments, my back is much improved (80-90%). Again, it is still there, but I am not dealing with the pain and having to use pain medications on a daily basis.

I have dealt with Fibromyalgia for 15+ years. It waxes and wanes but as all who have it know, it impacts how you feel on a daily basis. With my regular MIGUN treatments, I can tell a major improvement in how I feel overall…and it is definitely a positive improvement!

I have a family history of high blood pressure but personally have never had a problem until the past year. I am very hopeful that with regular MIGUN treatments, I will not have to on medication for high blood pressure but will be able to break my family pattern.

I absolutely LOVE my MIGUN and am encouraging others to check it out for themselves. Anyone suffering with chronic pain or with stress related conditions should definitely give it a try. I am probably a Type AAA personality instead of simply a Type A. I find it very difficult to relax even when I try, but with MIGUN, my mind and body let go and probably for the first time in my life, I feel truly relaxed.

Considering all the money I have spent on pain medication, therapy and doctors visits, the money spent on my MIGUN bed is absolutely the best money I’ve ever spent for my health and well-being. Thank You, thank you to those responsible for bringing MIGUN to this area and giving us another option to “let’s try this new pill!”

From a totally “Migunized” Paulette in Landrum

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My wife and I recently bought a MIGUN Massage Bed, we had been visiting the store and using the beds at the facility. We were both so impressed with the feeling of well being and improvement in our health that we decided to obtain our own bed for the home. This has the advantage that the bed is always available and ready for our use. When we were using the beds at the store, we immediately felt better but on days we couldn’t get to the store or they were closed, we definitely felt the difference in our overall well being. To say the MIGUN Massage Bed has made a difference is an understatement. Both my wife’s and my blood pressure has gone down, my chest congestions has cleared up, my appetite has reduced and I have lost weight. I suffer from severe arthritis of both legs and that has reduced my pain immensely. And we are both experiencing a better nights sleep! Truly, the MIGUN Massage Bed sells itself, never did the staff try to sell us a bed, we both tried the massage bed everyday for over a month and there was never any mention or pressure to buy a bed. The Staff of “Migun of Greenville” is always concerned with their client’s well being and health improvement. The Bottom line is that their wonderful staff of people is always gracious, patient, concerned and educating!

Thank You!!

Tom and Karin Eagles

Fake Migun Bed - Lessons Learned the Hard Way

There’s NOTHING like the real thing (MIGUN)!  . . . my experiences with a “fake” MiGun bed . . . or Lessons Learned the Hard Way!

In November a relative told me of a chiropractor that had a new-in-box (MiGun-like) thermal massage bed for sale – he was moving to a smaller office. Investigation revealed that the manufacturer (in Canada) would extend a 30-day return policy and a 2-year parts and labor warranty, since the bed had just been purchased and was unopened.

The “specs” and manufacturer web-site photos seemed to mimic the model 7000 beds to a tee.  The price was roughly half of the price of a GENUINE MiGun, so I ordered the bed on a trial basis.  “What do I have to lose?”…a little voice asked…well…The STAND for the bed was identical to the model 7000 stand.  That’s where ANY similarity ended.

Here is a BRIEF list of the “problems” with this “fake” bed:

  1. no upper-body support: like laying in a slack hammock, total weight rests directly on hot rollers (not the patented MiGun jade assemblies)
  2. bed could not be pre-heated and left at operating temperature: the legs, the torso, the small handheld and the large handheld all had to be set at the desired temperature EACH time you turned the bed on (no “memory” nor default settings) and each set separately, one after the other.
  3. if the bed wasn’t MOVING and running one of the programs, it shuts off completely and all settings go back to factory defaults (temperatures, etc.)
  4. the 6 “programs” I never understood from the cryptic and incomplete literature (the writer was definitely not a native English-speaker)
  5. the handhelds were 5-jades and 12-jades, were lightweight plastic and felt “cheap”
  6. the controller was not very intuitive to operate, nor  did it match the scanty documentation that came with the bed.
  7. Assembly parts were missing and assembly instructions were only “English-like”

After ONE 15-minute “session” I could hardly get off the bed – it hurt my back (yet I’ve been going to MiGun of Greenville for many months, almost daily, so I’m accustomed to PROPER massage action).

The manufacturer DID finally honor the 30-day “free” trial and I returned the bed to Canada.  They even offered me a $500 “rebate” to keep the bed ! ! !       NOT ! ! ! !

  1. Total UN-REIMBURSED expenses for shipping and packing, etc totaled over $500.
  2. Manual labor and frustration repackaging the bed and getting it to UPS – terrible.
  3. Value of overall lesson learned . . . you guessed it . . . PRICELESS ! ! ! ! !

I would not take this bed, even if they PAID ME to take it – it’s useless, dangerous to my back, and would just take up space.  It had NO redeeming values.
When I returned to MiGun after this ordeal, I “clicked the heels of my shoes together” and kept repeating…. “There’s no place like home…. There’s no place like home…”

Bill, Greenville, SC (December 2007)

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IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)/Neuropathy

After about 6 weeks of using Migun (almost) every day, I don’t have problems with IBS any more!  I’ve also noticed a big improvement in the neuropathy I have had in my feet for years.  The Migun staff helps me put the Jade and Far Infrared on my feet during treatments and it’s GREAT!

    Norma, April 2007

    Blood Pressure/Blood Sugar/Cholesterol

    After 3 months of Migun use, sometimes every day:  my blood pressure is lower, my cholesterol is down, my triglycerides are lower, AND my blood sugar is down, too!  My doctor is so pleased she’s writing me a prescription, and I took a bed home to use EVERY DAY in February. 

    Brenda (purchased bed February 2007)

    Since I started using Migun every day, I don’t have to take blood pressure medications any more!  My blood pressure is now PERFECT.

    Isolde, Greenville, SC

    Mini Mat

    Please tell Vicy that the thing I am sleeping on is fabulous. I always have shoulder and back pain. Gone.

    Love It! – Patty

    Falls Church, VA

    Patty purchased a Mini-mat after a one night trial at Vicy’s best friend’s wedding a few weeks ago. She emailed Vicy’s friend with the message you see above.

    I love my Migun Mat. I used to have trouble sleeping through the night. Now I average 7-8 hours, which is huge for me. My mat is also a life saver when I am traveling - no more back pain. It is also great for cramps. Thanks Migun! I look forward to having my own bed too!

    Stacey in Greenville

    Update from Stacey - We now also have the Migun bed (click to see testimonial) and the queen size healthy mat.  I can't say enough good about them. Improved health, restful nights....life is grand!

    Update on queen size healthy mat:
    It  has been over two years and I still love your products!!! Every time I pass my bed I rub my hand over it and think…ahhhh….I am going to sleep so good.  You can't imagine how life changing it is to be able to sleep more than 4 hours at a time. The dogs love it too…they try their best to sleep with us at night and have started asking to be put on the bed before we get up to shower. Ginger rarely drags her fanny off the bed to come to my office before 10:30. Thanks Migun! I believe that the healthy mat also helps us prevent colds and flu. Also, I had a 16 year old daschund who started asking to be put on the bed once we got the healthy mat. I believe that in her final days that the mat help her feel better.

    Stacey Lemmond

    I AM SLEEPING SO WELL!! Here's an interesting story...I have had sinus trouble all winter and try to rotate Nyquil, Nasonex and Afrin so I don't use too much of any one thing. In the five days since I started sleeping on the Migun Mat my head has been clear all night. How wild is that?! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!
    Sue in CA

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    Better Sleep

    I have noticed a better sleep pattern lately. I have a sleep disorder and now I am sleeping much better. The beds are great and help to relax my muscles.

    After 2nd visit, the deepest sleep I’ve had in over one year!

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    Pain Relief

    I first came to Migun on January 24th. A prayer counselor from Channel 16 told me about Migun. I have fought with Social Security Disability for 4 years now. The Migun bed has done more for me in 4 days than a chiropractor did for me in 2 years! I was losing feeling in my left leg, and my two small fingers on both hands. Now I’ve got feeling back and the cramps in my legs are disappearing. I can even eat foods I haven’t been able to eat in years (garlic, onions, hot & spicy). I don’t even have to frequent the restroom in the middle of the night as often. Migun is Great!

    Robert Strockman

    I hurt my back lifting a heavy suitcase into the car trunk and then working on exercise machines. I could Hardly walk or sit and was in a lot of pain. Spending time on the Migun bed gave me more immediate relief than anything I had tried- ice, chiropractic, bed rest, etc.
    Thanks for being there Migun!
    Happy Migun User

    On the Way In to Migun of Greenville  - With Walker

    A painful walk into Migun of Greenville...


    Feeling great after MIGUN!
    On the Way Out of Migun - No Walker

    It is amazing!! My first visit and I had results. Everyday I am feeling improvements. Several days ago, we started working on the bottom of my feet and the very first time 50% of the pain was gone. The bottom of my feet have hurt very much for the past several years with no relief from the doctors that I went to. I tried many other things with very, very little results. All I can say is Wow!
    Thanks to Migun, Vicy and Ashleigh

    A Customer for Life,
    Gary Sweeting

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    Being a retired physician assistant solely trained in Western Medicine, I was skeptical!! Now, if I were still practicing medicine, I would eagerly encourage my patients to try the bed. Those with osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia will especially benefit – I know because I myself have both conditions and the reduction in pain, as well as a general sense of “balance” has been spectacular!!

    Connie Keeney

    Great for the low back. Pain free after several sessions!

    Charlie Pyle

    Sciatica Relief!!

    I had been unable to sleep due to sciatica. I could not lie on my right or left side for more than 2 or 3 minutes due to pain like a toothache in my hip and down my leg to my ankle.

    I did Migun programs 5 & 6 and slept on my side without a trace of pain the night after my afternoon Migun session. What Relief!

    Bonnie Adams

    I work as a Termite Inspector and go into crawl spaces as part of my job. Some crawl spaces are only 18” high and very tight to move around in. Needless to say over time it was hard on my upper and lower back. At times the pain was so bad I could not sleep and was not looking forward to going to work. After talking to one of my customers about my back pain, he suggested I come to Migun and get a thermal massage. Wow! After 3 visits I no longer have the upper or lower back pain that I had before Migun. Now I sleep thru the night and going to work is no longer a job.
    Thanks Migun. You have a friend in me for life!

    Theodore Solomon

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    I am about to give birth to  baby boy in mid-February. The doctors say we are both healthy,I have only gained about 20 pounds, and haven't had any complaints. It's actually been an easy 9 months. I have always had severe problems in the reproductive area. I have tried numerous  medicines and even surgery. My husband and I did not conceive for 11 years and finally assumed a child just wouldn't be in our future. I had always led a very stressful and high output life. My self care was lacking and my surroundings were very toxic. I decided to make some changes around age 32. I started seeing my chiropractor Dr Kassalias and taking his advice on nutrition. I upped my supplements, cut out a lot of meats,stopped watching tv,increased my exercise and quit bartending in the smoky atmosphere. Then I found Migun and added those sessions to my routine. A year later I was pregnant. Sounds too good to be true? I agree! There is no denying that what the girls tell you about your health and wellness is true and you should take their advice and enjoy living a better life. We all deserve a peaceful,healthy, medication free existence . I believe we were designed for success ...we just have to take control and invest in ourselves. So keep on "Miguining"!! You will soon see the gifts right before your eyes. Hope this is helpful to someone! Love you girls!

    I have poor circulation in my arms and varicose veins that bother me. When I use the beds regularly, these problems diminish. I am more flexible with my lower back.

    Improved sleep!  Improved mood!  Higher energy levels – LOVE Migun!  Thanks.  (March 2007)

    My chronic headaches and muscle tension in the neck and shoulders are all gone thanks to Migun!

    After each Migun bed massage, I feel great, relaxed and full of energy all day!

    Weight Loss

    I am always hungry and get very irritable. I have a tendency to be stressed out and on “alert” all day. In 4 days, I am calm, not as hungry, and I’ve lost about 3 lbs! I think this therapy is the best thing I’ve ever done. I believe it could save lives! Thank You Ashleigh, Vicy, and Lucy!

    Shannon Rodriguez

    We will definitely get our own bed ASAP!

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    More Energy

    More Energy, No Pain

    In November 2006, my daughters invited me to Migun because I had back problems.  On my first day, I was too nervous to use the beds, so I started off just lying on the heating mat (Healthy Mat).  I used the heated mat for my first two days – about 30 minutes each day.  On my third day, I got A LOT of padding (2 big pads, and 2 little ones) and a big towel and used the Migun bed for just 15 minutes.  The next visit, I started using the bed for a full half hour session.  Since then, I have decreased the padding and I now use the bed 4-5 times per week with no padding!  One of my daughters purchased a bed and I bought myself a Mini-mat, which I use all the time.  Since I started Migun, my blood pressure has come down and my doctor is pleased with my cholesterol.  I don’t have leg cramps any more and my back doesn’t hurt.  My posture is much better and I’m standing taller.  I have more energy too!  Migun has even taught me to breathe properly – deeply from my belly.  I can now do all my yard work, house work and church work without back pain!  Three generations of my family use Migun now, and we LOVE it. 

    Ruth Faircloth, Greenville, SC
    PS – The staff at Migun is wonderful and kind and my whole family appreciates how they treat everyone!  You are special at Migun of Greenville!

    More Energy, Sciatica Relief

    I started using Migun beds in November of last year and have been coming regularly (4-5 times per week) since then.  It’s helped me with my posture a lot, which had gotten really bad.  Migun has also given me a lot more energy!  I’ve always had a problem with acid reflux, but it’s gotten better too.  For many years, I had sciatica that caused pain and numbness radiating down my leg all the way to my foot, but since I’ve been using Migun there is no pain!!  My blood pressure is also lower.  I bought a Migun Mini-mat for home use in December and I love it.  I even loan it out to friends in need – especially friends with circulation problems.  Thanks for helping me with so many things, Migun!

    Ailene Peele, Greenville, SC

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    I just want to let you know that the Migun bed can contribute to a better YOU!  I am a very skeptical person.  My wife told me about Migun back at the first of the year.  I came in a couple times a week for 2-3 months.  In that time, the only ‘symptom’ I addressed with indigestion.  After a couple of weeks, I noticed that the indigestion was almost GONE… unless I ate a pizza before bed!!!

    I’ve told a few friends.  They look at me like I’m crazy, but I believe the Migun bed was largely responsible.


    Migun of Greenville had been open for almost a year before I found them.  I’ve now been using Migun – mainly the beds – for about three years now.  Before I found Migun, I had scoliosis (about a 10 degree curve) in my spine and chronic pain.  I had to see a chiropractor constantly.  Using Migun and still receiving some chiropractic adjustments, the curve is almost gone now.  I use chiropractic much less. 

    Besides the scoliosis, my overall health has improved since I started using Migun:
    Less acid reflux
    Fewer headaches
    Fewer neckaches
    Reduced anxiety
    MUCH lower stress levels

    I definitely notice it when I go too long without using a Migun bed.  I don’t want to think about life without out for sure – I HAVE to have Migun.

    Greenville, SC

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    Migun SkinFive Hand Rejuvenator

    Our customers LOVE the SkinFive hand rejuvenator!  Here are some comments about results using this awesome little machine.

    Arthritis relief:

    I have arthritis in my hands.  I started using the SkinFive when I visited the Migun store and noticed the very first time I used it that my hands felt better immediately afterwards.  I wish I could use it every day!  Thanks, Migun. --  Greenville, SC

    One Migun of Greenville client told us that she can’t really write well, but wanted to thank us for recommending the SkinFive.  Her hobby before arthritis set into her hands was crocheting, so she crocheted a beautiful butterfly for our store!  After years of NOT being able to crochet, using the SkinFive every day for just a couple of weeks have her crocheting again!  We are so happy to help!

    Carpal Tunnel help:

    When I use the SkinFive regularly, I have a lot fewer problems with carpal tunnel and tennis elbow, both of which have given me trouble for years.  I do have to use it several times a week, but it’s worth taking the time to do so… especially since I can use it while watching TV after work. -- Jackson, MS

    Upper respiratory help:

    I swear by the SkinFive to help me keep upper respiratory problems at bay.  After the loss of my husband, I developed adult onset asthma and have a tendency towards bronchitis and pneumonia.  If I feel the least little bit off, I use the SkinFive immediately.  I am grateful to report that I have not had any asthma or bronchitis issues in well over a year… and I don’t even use it regularly.  It’s an awesome product and far infrared therapy is just amazing. --  Greenville, SC

    Pain relief:

    One thing I can say about the SkinFive is that it has really regenerated my wrists.  I mean my wrists were in pain and it felt like they were “coming apart” because of the pulling action that I use while I’m at work. When I use the SkinFive, it relieves that pain completely now.  I use the SkinFive regularly. 

    I also use the SkinFive as a “pre-treatment” for before I use my Migun bed.  It helps relax my upper body and helps me get used to the pressure from the Migun bed a lot quicker.  I try to use it every day to make sure my wrists are okay.

    Jay Oswald
    Greenville, SC

    Help with nails:

    My nails have a tendency to split when they grow out at all and they also peel.  I started using the SkinFive for about 10-15 minutes every time I got to Migun of Greenville for a massage.  I try to go 2-3 times per week.  I’ve noticed that after a few weeks, my nails are a lot stronger and have begun to grow out without splitting.  I’ve also noticed that the skin on my hands is a lot smoother, too, which is a great bonus.  I used to use the machine after I got off the Migun bed, but the staff encouraged me to use it before I get my massage and it helps me relax.  Using the SkinFive helps relax the muscles in my upper body, which is great since I tend to carry a lot of stress in my shoulders.  I look forward to my time using all of Migun’s great far infrared products. --Greenville, SC

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